Honoring those who after faithfully serving there country returned to the local communities and continued to serve.   May your selfless dedication and service to the league and your local detachment never be forgotten.  

Frank A. Thallas 9/15/2015

Paul L. Eastridge 6/4/2018  

James Stender 10/21/2019     

Gary H. Cohee 2/19/2020       

Gabriel Salazar 3/1/2020

John E. Misplay 6/27/2020  

Herman J. Lajeunesse 9/12/2021

Joseph Vitt 7/30/2022

Robert Brown 3/3/2023

Martin D. Mazurie 3/12/2023

Gene L. Sare 4/4/2023

           Roger Roebling 4/8/2023                    

Ray Gordon 8/4/2023

H Dwain Carey 8/30/2023

Shannon Arnold 9/28/2023